Introducing Legend of Panther Holler


A Novel by Annie Clark Cole

Vick Porter, the hero of this story, is out for blood when he challenges Mr. Barkin, a ruthless smooth-talking businessman, to a game of poker. It is a game of winner-take-all: the young man’s inheritance against the Barkin estate, which includes the manor house in which his beloved daughter, Elizabeth, resides.


Watch this video to get a sense of the upcoming novel, available soon in paperback!

Vick starts off as a poor and uneducated run-away boy escaping an abusive alcoholic father at the age fourteen, so how could he know much about poker and match the sophistication of a man like Barkin, who accumulated his wealth ripping people off in business and playing poker? Buck Dupree, an Australian gambler with his own difficult childhood, had been his mentor. Will Buck’s teachings give him the skills he needs to compete? Where is Buck, with his own agenda, and how does he play into Vick’s future?

Vick has grown up to become a strikingly handsome young man whose charms are not lost on the ladies he meets including a particularly lovely girl named Mattie, but how does Elizabeth react when fate inextricably throws them together? How does his complex love life unfold? Will he end up with Mattie, Elizabeth or yet another unnamed beautiful woman, so many of whom are vying for his company or better yet, hand in marriage?

shapeimage_1The Legend of Panther Holler is a riveting story that repeatedly lulls readers into trusting comfort only to have their suspense rekindled by an unexpected twist of the unpredictable plot, precipitating endless curiosity that makes it almost impossible to put down. It has everything to lure readers of both sexes through a wide range of ages … Adventure! Romance! Suspense!

(Legend of Panther Holler is currently in the final stages of production and will be available in print and eBook.)